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Our Mission
The overall reason for existence and purpose for being
The Mission of Royal Rangers in Louisiana is to fulfill a place of leadership in carrying out the national mission of Royal Rangers and specifically to:


1. Provide an opportunity for boys to develop relationships with God, leaders, family, and friends through meeting their needs for love, acceptance, importance and community
2. Equip leaders to be positive Christian role models who work together in harmony with each other, church leadership, as well as district and national leaders for the purpose of reaching, teaching, keeping, and sending boys forth for Christ
3. challenge boys to experience life's adventures that will equip them to better face the future by means of camps, activities, outings, and events designed to meet their needs
4. develop qualities of leadership in the outpost, church, home, school, and community that will help the boy grow into a man with principles, character, love and a sense of mission that comes from a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ

Our Purpose
To provide a Christian ministry to boys and their leaders that will affect their family, church, and community for dynamic growth in Christ. We will assist them to become future leaders, and will establish a framework of character that will enable each one to live their best for today and equip them to make heaven their ultimate home.

Our Vision
The specific scope of what we see we should be doing
Our Vision is to bring as many boys as possible with us to heaven.

  • Towards this end we will:
    • 1. provide the highest quality leadership for the total growth and development of boys in Christ
    • 2. use innovative techniques to fulfill our mission
    • 3. promote enthusiasm in the development of those who lead boys
    • 4. be an example of excellence others will want to emulate
    • 5. and be an example of Christ by being willing to come into the world of the boy and bring him into the Kingdom of Christ.

Our Values
We commit ourselves as Royal Rangers leaders and as Royal Rangers to:

Service, discipline, holiness, love of the lost and each other, training, adventure, fellowship, giving our time, organization, no compromise, the Word of God, the family, those in authority over us, ministry, development of relationships, worship of God, evangelism of souls, Holy Spirit baptism, and prayer for each other.

Our Limitations and Background
The givens that we must work with and the realities we must deal with?
Finances, time, communication, our faith and vision, commitment and expectation levels, pastoral support and leadership, focus on boys, our standard of holiness, stigmas from the past, our mind set, and discrimination from ministers because we do not have many "professional ministers" to represent our ministry.

Our Goals
In order to complete our mission and carry forth our vision the Louisiana Royal Rangers have the following goals:

Various concepts of Considerations: Enlistment, Training, Nurturing, Curriculum, Financial Support

Within the next five years we will work to:
1. Double Royal Rangers leaders and boys
2. Develop name recognition (notoriety) in and out of the church
3. Increase pastoral and church support
4. Establish and maintain a sense of trust and integrity with parents, church leaders, and community officials
5. Do our part to develop unity and harmony among our churches
6. Not compromise our historic values
7. Upgrade the ministry programming
8. Build a legacy that will focus on bringing up the next generation to continue the work that God has called us to accomplish
9. Keep our spiritual, social, physical and mental priorities in order

May the LORD Richly Bless you and multiply your outpost in number of boys and leaders, quality of ministry, advancements, and souls added to the Kingdom of GOD.