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Trace Report for 2010

January 11, 2010


Pre Trace: January 4 thru 8, 2010.


Thanks to all who participated and helped out as we had a great time at the 2010 Trace and held Wilderness testing. Before the Trace, we had several people work together to set up the new pavilion and kitchen area for the upcoming events. Thanks to all for the new pavilion extension as it made quite a difference at the Trace. Helping set up were Red Fox (Rev. David Craun), Snake Hunter (Rev. Nelson Jones), Sod Buster (Roger Lachney), T-Kuto (Lee Robinson), Lighthouse (Manson Reynolds), Mitch Miller, Justin Vallery, Eagle Scout (Rodney Eaton), Spirit Hunter (Will Harper), Brandon Olp, Cloud Toucher (Dennis Ryan), David Schwartz, Quint Lenard, Clint Lenard, and Dossie Jones (wife of Snake Hunter). We had some welcome sunshine as well as very cold weather overnight.


Primitive Shelters: Hunter – 1, Wall Tents – 2, Baker – 1, & Marquee – 1.


Wilderness Testing: January 8 & 9, 2010.


The Jim Bowie FCF Chapter held Wilderness Testing from Friday morning through Saturday morning January 8 & 9, 2010. The testing was run by Lighthouse (Manson Reynolds) with various help from Snake Hunter (Rev. Nelson Jones), Red Fox (Rev. David Craun), Sod Buster (Roger Lachney), T-Kuto (Lee Robinson), Spider (Rev. Randy Henry), and Eagle Scout (Rodney Eaton). The Weather was clear, dry, and very, very cold with low temperature around 15 degrees.


The candidate for Wilderness was Cloud Toucher (Dennis Ryan).


Staff: Old Timers - 7.

Wilderness Candidates: Old timers - 1.


We had 1 member pass to the Wilderness Level. Congratulations to Cloud Toucher (Dennis Ryan) for becoming our newest Jim Bowie Chapter Wilderness Member!


Primitive Shelters: Hunter – 3, Baker – 1, Marquee – 1, & Wall Tents – 6.


Winter Trace: January 8, 9, & 10, 2010 The Jim Bowie FCF Chapter Winter Trace was held at the Twin Lakes Camp Grounds on January 8, 9, & 10, 2010. 


We had as our guest speaker Rev. Darren R. Clark. Rev. Clark was part of Louisiana Royal Rangers growing up, A Gold Medal of Achievement recipient, FCF member, Royal Rangers Academy graduate, U.S. Army Veteran, resides in West Monroe, Louisiana, and is now an Evangelistic Missionary to the uttermost parts of the world. You will always be a part of the Jim Bowie Chapter.


Our Jim Bowie Chapter Vice President Spider (Rev. Randy Henry) was in charge of the Trace and did a great job running it. Rev. Clark spoke on Friday and Saturday night. He extolled us to a closer and more Holy walk with God. It was very, very cold both Friday and Saturday nights with lows in the mid teens or colder. The highs were barely above freezing for Saturday and Sunday. Our great God, Fellowship, and Food helped us weather the cold.


We held Competitions Saturday with many competing. It was decided to have an early departing Sunday so we held our communal meal Saturday night and a communal meal Sunday morning. We extend many thanks to Hunts With Stick (Preston Anders) and Steve Hudson for directing all of the kitchen staff and cooking such good and hearty meals for the cold weather. Prizes for Competitions were awarded Sunday after the Business Meeting.


Sunday morning church was led by Spider (Rev. Randy Hendy) with our speaker being Rev. Darren Clark.


Attendance Current Members: Old Timers – 24 Young Bucks – 12 Guests – 5


Young Bucks: Candle (Joseph Reynolds), Bryan Phillips, Kyle Norrell, Ethan Boudreaux, Wind Stone (Jeffery West), Garrett Gooden, Christopher Bryant, Austin Boyer, Gavin Bingham, Max Steen, Stephen Rothell, and Brandon Olp.


Old Timers: Red Fox (Rev. David Craun), Snake Hunter (Rev. Nelson Jones), Lighthouse (Manson Reynolds), Spider (Rev. Randy Henry), Sod Buster (Roger Lachney), T-Kuto (Lee Robinson), Eagle Scout (Rodney Eaton), Gentle Wolf (James Anders), Cloud Toucher (Dennis Ryan), Blue Loops (Stephens Ernst), BuckTraker (Bryan Boudreaux), Tender Heart (Steve Boyer), Spirit Hunter (Will Harper), Stephen Hudson, Mitch Miller, Quinton Lenard, Clint Lenard, David Schwartz, Justin Vallery, Mike Cain, Hunts With Stick (Preston Anders), Rev. Darren Clark, John Slocum, Myron Plunk, .


Guests: David Fruge, Carl LeMaire, Thomas Steen, Sr., Keith Norrell, and Timothy Boyer.


Primitive Shelters: Hunter – 3, Baker – 1, Marquee – 1, & Wall Tents – 6.


Business Meeting: At the Jim Bowie FCF Chapter Annual Business meeting Sunday morning, we had lots of old and new business to go over. We had an opening devotion by Spider (Rev. Randy Henry) and Church by Rev. Darren Clark. Then it was down to business. There were three Chapter positions (President, Scout, and Asst. Scout) that needed to be filled.


The Chapter was asked to help defray costs on the pavilion extension. Please send all gifts and offerings to David Craun at the A/G District Offices using Royal Rangers Construction. Please make sure the check is made out to Louisiana Royal Rangers with the memo as Royal Rangers Construction Pavilion.


The President’s report was given by Snake Hunter (Rev. Nelson Jones) and approved. The Vice President’s report was given by Spider (Rev. Randy Henry) and approved. The Jim Bowie Chapter Scribe’s report was given by Eagle Scout (Rodney Eaton) and approved.


We are a 5 star chapter again this year. Congratulations to all who helped make this possible.


Make sure all Missions offerings and gifts are reported to the President and Scribe for the annual reports.


Make sure all Trappers Brigade Hours are reported to the Scribe for the annual reports.


Our current Scout Candle (Joseph Reynolds) and Asst. Scout Lil Bit (Kolt Kays) will both turn into Old Timers this year so we had to elect a new Scout and Asst. Scout. The Chapter elected Tender Bear (Jesse Derouen) as the Scout for a two year term. The Chapter elected Ethan Boudreaux as the Asst. Scout for a two year term. Congratulation to both Young Bucks!


With many a tear filled eye, Snake Hunter (Rev. Nelson Jones) announced that he would not be running for President again. Snake Hunter has faithfully served the Jim Bowie Chapter for 26 years as President. A motion was put forth and carried to name Snake Hunter (Rev. Nelson Jones) as the Jim Bowie Chapter President Emeritus! Snake Hunter accepted the honor. Many, many thanks and Blessings to Snake Hunter (Rev. Nelson Jones) and Many Stars (Mrs. Dossie Jones) for their years of faithful service to the Jim Bowie Chapter to make it the outstanding Chapter it is. May God richly Bless them!


The Jim Bowie Chapter had the arduous task of electing a new President after 26 years. The Chapter elected Tender Heart (Steven Boyer) as our new Jim Bowie Chapter President. We are looking forward to Tender Heart leading the Jim Bowie Chapter as we enter a new era for Royal Rangers and FCF.


After elections and appointments, the following are the Jim Bowie FCF Chapter officers for 2010:


Chairman – Rev. David “Red Fox” Craun

President – Steven “Tender Heart” Boyer – Elected at meeting

President Emeritus – Rev. Nelson “Snake Hunter” Jones

Vice President – Rev. Randy “Spider” Henry

Scribe – Rodney “Eagle Scout” Eaton

Wilderness Rep – Manson “Lighthouse” Reynolds

Buckskin Rep – Lee “T-Kuto” Robinson

Historian – Ed “Spiritual Bear” Tatum

Company Clerk – Will “Swamp Rat” Landry

Frontier Adventure Coordinator – Preston “Hunts With Stick” Anders

Scout – Jesse “Tender Bear” Derouen – Elected at meeting

Asst. Scout – Ethan Boudreaux – Elected at meeting


Please remember that all Old Timer Chapter Officers who have not taken the Chapter Officers course must complete the Chapter Officers Course. Please contact Rodney “Eagle Scout” Eaton for a time to take the Chapter Officers Course. We are expecting a great year out of the new/old officers as well as lots of work and dedication!!


We found that many of the Trapper’s Brigade hours were still not being processed for FCF, but the new processes put into place last year helped gain many “lost” hours for us. These hours are very important to the health of FCF and Royal Rangers at the District, Regional, and National levels. Please turn in your hours as you earn them. There is a Trapper’s Brigade Hours Review Committee to review the hours and award those hours that meet the requirements. The Trapper’s Brigade Hours Review Committee members are Rodney “Eagle Scout” Eaton, Rev. Nelson “Snake Hunter” Jones, Manson “Lighthouse” Reynolds, and Rev. David “Red Fox” Craun. Hours will only be awarded after review and approval of the committee. In order to earn hours, you must have paid your 2010 dues and attend at least one of the Sectional/District/National events in 2010 to be active. The events are the Frontier Adventure, Jim Bowie Chapter Trace, District Royal Ranger Leaders Conference, Ranger Kids Field Day, IT/ICS Seminar, Regional Royal Rangers Seminar, Royal Rangers Academy, National Royal Rangers Council, Sectional Pow Wows, and the District Pow Wow.


Lifetime Dues: Lifetime dues are as follows:

YB to 40 years old – $600.00

41 to 55 years old - $500.00

56 to 65 years old - $400.00

66 years old and older - $300.00


Regular Dues are Old Timers - $25.00 and Young Bucks $15.00. All 2010 Dues are due NOW. They are good thru December 31, 2010. If you became a new member at the 2009 November Frontier Adventure, your dues are current for 2010.


A schedule will be made for the next year Trace to avoid lateness at the meetings.


We raised $500.00 for our Speaker Rev. Darren Clark for his evangelistic missions work.


The next Frontier Adventure will be November 12 & 13, 2010. Remember to have everyone who wants to join FCF be ready. We will hold Buckskin Testing in conjunction with the November Frontier Adventure and have the next Wilderness Testing held in conjunction with the January 2011 Trace.


The Trade Items table idea went over very well and will be repeated next Trace. Bring your items to Trade or Sell. All Wilderness Members are required to make a Trade Item to be used as a Trace Prize for the January 2011 Trace.


All FCF members are encouraged to attend the Gulf Region Royal Rangers Conference as there will be a chance to meet with National Director Marsh and learn where Royal Rangers is moving to in the next few years. Information can be found on the Gulf Region Web Site: http://www.gulfregionrr.org/ .


The Jim Bowie Chapter Trace will be held in January 2011 with the date to be decided upon. Elections will be held for Vice President. Please remember that Old timers are now required to have the Royal Rangers Leader’s Code of Conduct signed by their Pastor to attend FCF functions.


Archery was held for the second time as a Blanket Shoot event. Only recurve and primitive bows were allowed. It was very successful with many Young Bucks and Old Timers competing. Everyone got to take something off of the blanket to take home. We will hold this event again next year.

Best Shooters: Young Buck – Candle; Old Timer – T-Kuto.



Flint & Steel –Young Bucks: 1st – Wind Stone, 2nd – Brandon Olp, 3rd – Stephen Rotthell

                     Old Timers: 1st – BuckTraker, 2nd – Myron Plunk, 3rd – Mitch Miller

Black Powder Shooting - Young Bucks: 1st – Kyle Norrell, 2nd – Ethan Boudreaux, 3rd – Bryan Philips

            Old Timers: 1st – Hunts with Stick, 2nd – BuckTraker, 3rd – Quinton Lenard

Knife Throw – Young Bucks: 1st – Wind Stone, 2nd – Ethan Boudreaux, 3rd – Candle

Old Timers: 1st – Justin Vallery, 2nd – Quinton Lenard, 3rd – David Schwartz

Hawk Throw – Young Bucks: 1st – Ethan Boudreaux, 2nd – Candle, 3rd – Wind Stone

Old Timers: 1st – BuckTraker, 2nd – Quinton Lenard, 3rd – Lighthouse

Outfits – Young Bucks – 1st – Austin Boyer, 2nd – Wind Stone, 3rd – Candle

Old Timers: 1st – Hunts With Stick, 2nd – T-Kuto, 3rd – Quinton Lenard


Master Frontiersman – Young Bucks: 1st – Wind Stone

                                     Old Timers: 1st – BuckTraker



Trappers Brigade hours have been gathered and posted for all who helped with the 2010 Trace and are active dues paying members of the Jim Bowie Chapter FCF. There were a total of 1683 Trapper’s Brigade hours earned by 36 Members during the 2010 Trace.


Respectively Submitted,


Rodney “Eagle Scout” Eaton

Jim Bowie Chapter Scribe




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