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GMA Winners List By Decade

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Since 1964, over 5400 boys have earned the prestigious Gold Medal of Achievement in the United States. Of these 5400, 212 hail from the Louisiana District. Because the GMA requires a large amount of dedication and work, it is estimated that only 1% of all boys who come into the Royal Rangers program will earn the GMA. This page is to honor those boys who committed themselves to excellence.

Quick Facts about Louisiana GMA Winners:

Total Winners: 212
Most GMAs awarded in one year: 20 (1997)
Fewest GMAs awarded in one year: 0 (12 times, last time in 2005)
Most GMAs awarded in a single ceremony: 7 (Outpost 64, Family Life Christian Fellowship, Lafayette, December 2004)
Most GMAs awarded to a single family: 7 (The Zaragoza family from Alexandria [Carson, Denver, Austin, Trenton, Lincoln, Madison, and Lansing])

GMA Winners by Decade

1960s 0
1970s 12
1980s 73
1990s 89
2000s 54