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A complete directory of patches issued for Louisiana district events from 1974 to the present


Patches. They look great on a uniform and if you've been in Rangers long enough, you have a box full of them. For a lot of Rangers, collecting patches is big. Really big. Next time you're at a national event, check out the patch trading are if you don't believe it. In order to help out collectors as well as educating Rangers here in Louisiana about the rich history of Royal Rangers in the state, the Louisiana Patch Database will, at its completion a complete listing of patches from district events.

This is where we need your help. If you see a gap in the collection, and can fill it from your own collection, please make a scan of the patch with a resolution of 200dpi, and crop the image down to 350 pixels in width, and e-mail them to David Craun, and they will be posted to the collection.